Trash to Cash

You can make money selling trash on the internet (I'm not kidding).

Trash to Cash teaches you how to source, sell, and ship things you sell on the internet.

Do you know what your trash is worth?

Probably not. That's how stuff like this ends up in the recycling bin. Walking through my neighborhood one night I noticed a MacBook box sticking out of an overflowing recycling bin. I picked it up and a week later it sold on eBay for $20.

You probably don't know what your stuff is worth either.

Right before trash day people in my neighborhood would put unwanted items on the curb. This included unwanted books, old wine glasses, and this pasta roller. I picked it up and within a few days it sold on eBay for $86!

All the stuff sitting in your house -- old iPhones, unread books, and random coffee mugs -- is worth money.

Like every other millennial during the covid pandemic, I moved back home to live with my parents. During that time I decluttered their basement. Some of the boxes had been sitting down there for more than four decades!

Like this box of my dad’s old toys:

This one box of toys alone was worth $500! Six months later the basement was decluttered and my parents had $5,000 cash.

-Text from mom after decluttering her basement

Word spread about my dad’s GI Joe collection selling for $$$ on the internet.

A family friend was planning on donating a box of old computer games to Goodwill and asked if I was interested in them. You better believe I was. Every day people donate stuff like this, unaware that it has value. In Trash to Cash, you'll learn how to sell your own stuff and source stuff like this from the thrift store.

Hi! I'm Amanda.

When I was 12 years old I borrowed my dad’s identity and set up my eBay account (sorry dad). 

I grew up and became convinced I had to have a “normal” 9to5 office job. That didn’t work out so I returned to eBay.

I’m currently traveling the country buying stuff at thrift stores and flipping it on eBay and Amazon... 

...while living out of my Subaru Outback.

Trash to Cash is for you if:

  • You recently lost your job

  • You need an extra stream of income

  • You’re bootstrapping a business and need capital

  • You want to buy a car in cash or put a downpayment on a home

  • You want to get out of the 9to5 rat race

Ready to get started?

What's Covered in Trash to Cash

  • 1


    • A quick note before you get started

    • Welcome to Trash to Cash

    • Set Your Goal

  • 2

    What is Reselling?

    • What is Reselling?

    • Glossary of Key Terms

  • 3

    Reselling Platforms and How to List on Them

    • Introduction to Reselling Platforms

    • How to Create a Listing on eBay

    • How to Create a Listing on Mercari

    • How to Create a Listing on Facebook Marketplace

    • How to Create a Listing on Amazon (FBA)

  • 4

    Sourcing Like a Pro

    • Finding Your Niche

    • Niche Research Tutorial

    • Sourcing 101

    • Online Arbitrage Tutorial: eFlip

    • Prepping Your Inventory

  • 5

    Pricing Like a Pro

    • Pricing Like a Pro

    • How to Use Terapeak on eBay

  • 6

    Sell More, Earn More

    • Increase Your Sale Price

    • Boost Your Velocity

    • Intro to Social Commerce

    • Bonus Tutorial: eBay Partner Network

  • 7

    It Sold! Now What?: Everything You Need to Know About Shipping

    • Shipping Like a Pro

    • How to Use Pirate Ship with Facebook Marketplace

    • How to Ship on eBay

  • 8

    Case Study: Selling Books on Amazon

    • Intro to Amazon

    • How to Scan Books for Amazon FBA from Your Phone

    • How to Use the Amazon FBA Revenue Calculator

    • How to Add Inventory to Amazon FBA

  • 9

    Putting it All Together: The Trash to Cash Method

    • Trash to Cash Method

    • Finding Your Number Excel Tutorial

  • 10

    Survey (Optional)

    • Course Feedback

    • Advanced Course Sneak Peek

You'll also get...

  • Sourcing Guides

    Your enrollment in Trash to Cash will come with my guide of 29 Things You Can Sell for $29+. You'll learn how to sell and have this handy guide to help you get started.

  • Downloadable Templates

    You'll not only learn the process of reselling but I'll give you the templates I use too. Calculate your specific goal and use these templates to work towards that goal.

  • Amazon Case Study

    I'll walk you through the tools and resources I use to sell on Amazon while traveling the country.